Kingdom Harvest CBD – A Nurse’s POV

A Kingdom Harvest Video Series … {3 episodes}

A Nurse’s perspective of CBD and CBD products [ vid ]:


My name is Dawn and I am a registered nurse of 41 years.  I have worked in all the fields of nursing in that time.  During my journey, I have seen many types of remedies for helping people with their ailments.  CBD products seem to be an all in one remedy, that covers almost every ailment in some way.  That is one of the reason I asked to be the official nurse advisor for Kingdom Harvest.


I am proud to endorse the Kingdom Harvest CBD product line.  They third party test the products [LINK], which is very important to ensure the purity, potency and quality.  Most supplement companies do afford this cost and effort.  However, Kingdom Harvest is setting standards for the industry.  I have personally seen the benefits of some of the products and recommended several for my patients at all ages of their journey.  All of the patients that have tried the products have had great response and results.


This website has a list of the entire product line.  We have oils, gummies, smokables and edibles.  We also carry topical lotions, salves, scrubs and massage oils.  One of my favorites is the coffee.  If you have questions about Kingdom Harvest Products and how they could be beneficial for you, don’t hesitate to call and ask. [LINK]  My videos share anecdotal information on some of the benefits of CBD on internal and external forms; eg: blood sugar [webMD].


Thank you for taking the time to look at our products and being interested in improving your Health.




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