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In 2015 and 2016, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation allowing industrial hemp to be grown in the state once again, after nearly 80 years of federal prohibition. This landmark moment in our state’s agricultural history was met with an up-welling of support, bringing together groups of people from different backgrounds, all sharing the same vision to bring back a plant of such importance.


Kingdom Harvest encompasses farmers, botanical extractors, marketers, and select retailers forming what was the first soil-to-serving synergy in the state of North Carolina. From planting, through manufacturing, and sales, all aspects of Kingdom Harvest are under the careful control and oversight of our group. We selected a high-quality strain of hemp and , with support of members of the community, cultivated our first crop at our historic Kingdom Of Happy Lands organic farm nestled in a special place between north and south in the Carolina mountains of Appalachia. We employ minimally invasive planting methods and nurture the crop without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We use  EVIO and Kaycha Labs, leading accredited hemp and cannabis labs, for our crop and finished product testing.

We’re working ahead of others in the field, in both our process and management. Whether it’s through our proactive efforts to extract and produce products in clean rooms following FDA requirements, or our independent testing to assure the quality and efficacy is consistent; we make sure the products you consume are the best available in the market.


Organically grown, naturally processed…the Earth’s finest hemp extract.

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